style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Smart Casual Plaid

Monday, May 5, 2014

 (cardigan & tie - C.M. | shirt - Old Navy | tie clip - Suited Man | trousers - Zara | shoes - To Boot New York)

Plaid has been made popular by everyone from country music lovers to hipsters. I want to discuss how plaid should be used in the style rotation of the everyday man.

Tossing a slim-cut, plaid shirt into your weekly rotation for work can change a typical suit into a smart sartorial move. As I'm sure you've noticed, patterned shirts are becoming more and more popular--and styles like gingham have made room for plaid to find it's place in a smart causal setting. I don't condone wearing it into the board room, but for everyday use, I think it's a great call.

If you decide to wear a plaid shirt with a suit and tie, there are some things to consider. Plaid has a lot going on. Because of that, keep the suit and tie a solid color. As a rule of thumb if you have to mix patterns, make sure it's not the suit and the tie, and make sure the pattern is a smaller proportion than the plaid you're wearing.

Style note: Try wearing a bright contrasting color tie bar. It's spring and color is never a bad thing, so let the details set you apart.

  • Don't judge plaid too quickly; there's room for a plaid shirt in your wardrobe. 
  • Wear it to work, wear it to play, but don't wear it in a formal setting.
  • Add some color via accessories. The details are important. 

Stay classy,

Wear It Write. 


  1. i like this one :)

  2. that tie clip thooooo

  3. Tom, I disagree on your point about plaid for formal wear. How about plaid for wedding attire? Plaid kilts and bow ties are great for those occasions!

    1. Touche. But it takes a pretty big man to wear a kilt. That being said, my Scottish relatives have done it many times before. Cheers and thanks for reading, Tom.


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