style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Denim Shirt

Thursday, January 16, 2014

(denim shirt - J. Crew | tie - Mosaic | blazer - bar iii | pants - Club Monaco)

Denim shirts are versatile as f#ck. Ironically, they're blue collar. Work shirts, you know, for cowboys, janitors, etc. Think outside of the box.

Just like with jeans, you'll find a few different "shades" of denim shirts--lighter and darker washes. This shirt is a chambray Japanese denim shirt (which obviously falls on the lighter side for sure). I really like the rugged feel and appearance of denim shirts with suits or under sport coats/blazers. In terms of the washes, I like to have the wash of the denim contrast the color of the suit so it gives it stronger visual significance---think a dark wash denim shirt under a khaki suit, and a light chambray denim shirt under a black or grey suit.

If you're going to wear a denim shirt--more rugged than typical button downs--you can also easily play around with what tie you wear. Wearing a tie will not put you at any risk of looking overdressed; the denim shirt will most definitely downplay the tie, and the outcome is stylish as anything.

Again, trying a denim shirt under a suit/sport coat isn't formal--so don't be afraid to wear a nylon watch strap, a few bracelets or chunky shoes.

  • Take the rugged from the country to the city. Throw on a denim shirt under your most stylish suit for an instant style bonus. 
  • Try light wash with a dark color suit, and dark wash with a light color suit.

Stay classy,

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  1. denim shirts don't usually go with suits but I like what you did

  2. Really nice post! The blue shoes and socks looks great with the denim shirt and the grey in the blazer. Also sweet watch strap


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