style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

(jacket - Daniel Cremieux | vest - H&M | shirt - J. Crew | tie - Mosaic | jeans - N&F | watch - Movado)

Searching for the perfect smart casual look this fall? No worries, I've got you covered. You may have noticed that three piece suits are coming back in a big way. No, I'm not suggesting a three piece as your go-to smart casual look--unless you're Barney Stinson or Roger Sterling.

All you need to look your best this fall is a pair of jeans, a patterned shirt, a stylish tie (we'll discuss what this means in a minute), an all weather jacket, and a suit vest.

Wearing a suit vest may feel a bit strange or uncomfortable at first. If you wear a solid color or dark shirt, with a dark/plain tie, you will look like a bartender at a cocktail lounge. Dodge this dilemma by wearing a patterned shirt (like this or this) and a stylish, colorful tie

Guys, throwing on a vest with a tie and going on a date or to a bar with some friends is much easier to do than trying to rock a blazer. Most blazers and sport coats don't have the right fit/won't be able to be put together well enough to avoid looking like middle management. A vest gives you the benefit of rocking a casual button down but giving you an edge by layering more than just a shirt and tie.

The all weather jacket is an important part of this look. Don't wear a blazer/sport coat--it'll look like you're heading in for casual Friday and not out to have fun. A leather jacket, or a quilted Barbour style jacket is perfect for maintaining a casual vibe. But beware: Going with a denim jacket or something similar (baseball, varsity, you get the idea) will change the dynamic of what you're wearing and make you look stupid for wearing a tie. Don't mix rebel with dapper gentleman.

  • Make sure you wear a noticeable patterned shirt so you don't look like you're working behind the bar. 
  • If you're going to mix patterns (shirt and vest, or shirt vest tie) make sure that you vary the sizes of the patterns (small dots, medium plaid, large checks, etc). 
  • Don't mix rebel with dapper.

Stay classy,

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