style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Refresh Your Blazer

Friday, March 22, 2013

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(cardigan - Club Monaco | shirt - H&M | tie - Mosaic | tie bar - The Tie Bar | trousers - J. Crew | shoes - Johnston & Murphy)

All right. We can all feel it. The sun beginning to warm up the air, the people becoming friendlier, men and women alike cramming treadmills trying to shed some pounds to prep for beach season--Spring is in full swing.

Spring time is a great time to showcase the colors in your wardrobe. Be adventurous! Use colors that you wouldn't nomally wear together or combine multiple colors in one outfit! Give your blazer a break for a few days and try a chunky cardigan instead. A chunky cardigan is more substantial than a thinner cotton cardiganand will make a much more fitting substitute for your sport coat or blazer.

Why replace your cardigan for a blazer?
  1.  It's young. A cardigan instead of a blazer is  less formal, and it is a look associated with a younger, cooler attitude.
  2.  To shake up the status quo. Everyone wears a blazer with a tie, but not many dare to be different. A cardigan change-up is a unique way to differentiate yourself while still being on point in style.
  3. Add some texture to your look. Most chunky cardigans are knit or wool, which will give a boring outfit an easy facelift. Adding a texture like wool or a thicker knit gives your ensemble some character which will set you apart from the masses. That being said, a wool cardigan works much better than a wool blazer in the spring.

Style point: Always leave the last button on your cardigan unbuttoned.

If you are going to wear a chunky cardigan as a blazer, make sure you wear a shirt that you would otherwise wear with a suit. I know that oxford shirts are currently in style, but they are significantly more casual than a regular dress shirt. Because the cardigan brings a younger, more casual vibe, I wouldn't recommend pairing it with an oxford shirt. For best results, wear a shirt with a semi-spread or spread collar to compensate for the unconventional layering.

  • Mix it up and give your blazer a break.
  • A wool cardigan gets the green light for Spring.
  • Leave the last button on your cardigan unbuttoned.
  • Keep it smart--don't ruin the look by making it too casual.
  • Adding color through accessories is ideal--colorful socks, shoe laces, bracelets, the works!  

Stay Classy,

Wear It Write.


  1. Are they still selling that cardigan? I've been casually hunting for one like this. All the ones I find are too thin or the lapel is wrong.

    1. They should be. There are some similar ones on the Club Monaco website. Check out J. Crew as well, they've got some good ones. In store is probably the best bet because they're usually around in Winter and probably on sale now.

    2. Had trouble finding anything on CM. I think my seasonal timing may just be bad for finding anything right now.

  2. FWIW I picked up a similar cardigan from Gap a few weekends ago.

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    1. Thanks. Be sure to "like" us on Facebook for blog updates.

  4. I'm a size 14/16 and bought the 16. I'm always afraid of buying gowns online because of my larger size. But because of the price, I figured I had nothing to loose.


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