style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

One Formal, One Sport, One Casual.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Read more" to find out about the only three watches you'll ever need.

(Formal - Festina | Sport - Oakley x Tourneau | Casual - Timex)

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer. One formal, one sport, one casual. I bet if you're a young guy reading this, you don't have all three. And hell, who can blame you? Why have all three? Before diving into this topic, I want to take a minute and discuss the purpose of the modern day watch. I mean, my cellphone has a clock on it. When I think of a watch, I think of purely aesthetic qualities (But you do look totally bad ass to throw up your sleeve to read someone the time).

A watch is a classic style statement for men everywhere. And a true mark of a gentleman is the watch on his wrist--as punctuality is a sought after quality for nearly all gentlemen. A formal watch is supposed to be seen as an elegant extension of your wardrobe--a Rolex should come to mind. Wear it to job interviews, work events, or black tie occasions. Your formal watch doesn't have to cost more than your kidney, however. When picking out a formal watch, avoid gaudy and obnoxious pieces--you're not a rapper..unless you are; then I guess go for it. I always prefer a leather strap with a silver face. But there are those who prefer the gold or silver bracelet style band as well. The formal watch isn't supposed to stand out, but when it is noticed, it shouldn't be quickly forgotten.The mechanics of a great formal watch is what makes it special--it is a machine built around precision and sleek design, like a finely tuned German sports car.

A younger interpretation of the formal watch is the Tag Heuer-- functional enough for office, almost evening wear but also functional enough for underwater (up to 200 metres). Gold, silver, stainless steel band combinations-- mother of pearl, white face, gold face, and diamond studded faces. These watches are targeted at younger guys who aren't apt to be buying 10,000+ dollar watches. 

A sport watch should be used for exactly that--outdoor activity, or anything that requires more vigorous movement (get a nice sport watch and feel like a navy seal or James Bond in a scuba suit). Sport watches should have a comfortable band and are well made to handle whatever you can throw at them. I got my sport watch when I was giving surf lessons and spending a lot of time at the beach. These watches are perfect for an important golf game, anything underwater, or even hitting the slopes. If you meet a girl who loves the outdoors, throw on your sport watch when you take her on a hike; it says you're no stranger to adventure. Click HERE to see how combining an expensive, formal face with a casual band can make an ideal sport watch.

Last but not least, the casual watch. This would be considered your "every day watch", if you wore it that often (doubtful). A casual watch should be much more colorful and eye-catching than the other two types of watches in your arsenal. The constant changing out of bands to keep it fresh and in line with whatever you're feeling that day is what makes this watch so appealing. A casual watch can be paired with bracelets or worn alone; it should be seen as another accessory to jazz up an outfit for a date or a night out. Timex makes some great casual watches with bands you can trade out--look for them online, at your favorite shop, or even at J. Crew. These watches are ideal for a day in the office or a night on the town.

  • A formal watch should be sleek and elegant, and you can't go wrong with a leather strap over gold or silver. 
  • Do some laps at the club with your sport watch. 
  • Your casual watch should mirror your personality--and there are plenty of band options to choose from. 
  • A watch is timeless..yeah. 

Stay classy, and don't be late. 

Wear It Write.


  1. I like the way your formal watch is showcased-- the watch,the cuff of your dress shirt and then the suit jacket. Too many guys wear jackets that virtually cover everything, but you're definitely wearing it right. Sorry-I couldn't resist....

    1. Thank you. And I agree. I think a lot of it comes from not properly knowing their size (buying a 38L instead of 38R, among other things). When I wear a watch and accessories with my suit, I like to be able to showcase them.

      Hahaha--have fun with the name, I know I do.

  2. 1. To give your readers a different viewpoint, 2. To correct your own comments on watches. I've been collecting watches since I was a child. I'm also a qualified watchmaker.

    One reads an awful lot of absolute rubbish about watches on all sorts of sites, with 99.9999999% of it being such hogwash that it's barely worth the energy required to read it.

    Nothing screams "Conformity!" louder than a Rolex. They're as rare, refined or classy as influenza; their movements aren't particularly interesting, they can be picked up in any mall anywhere in the western world, and there's little in them that accounts for the price.

    If you'll permit me, here's some advice I'd give your readers:

    You can pick up astonishing craftsmanship in a manual wind, 1950s solid gold watch on auction sites for less than $500 USD.

    If you see "Quartz" anywhere on a watch, walk away unless you're 12 years old. You don't buy a watch to know the time within an atomic millisecond, you buy a watch for craftsmanship. Anything more accurate than within 1 second per 24 hours is irrelevant - when did you last need to know the time to within 1 second?? A quartz movement is to style what a sledgehammer is to brain surgery: a category failure. Anyone wearing a quartz "watch" has actually paid for nothing but the case...and usually at exceptional mark-up. It might surprise your readers to know this, but the fundamental value of a brand new Rolex costing $4500 is actually about $300 - the movement can be purchased for less than $200 and the bracelet is a piece of highly polished, machine stamped base metal.

    The benefit of a vintage watch is obvious: if the movement has operated without failure for the past 30+ years then it's clearly a remarkable thing.

    As for brands...on the whole keep this in mind: there's so little difference in content that to chuck away $3000 on any brand is just absurd. If you want to spend that kind of money then for the love of God do NOT buy a brand new watch - get a vintage Piaget or any of the other prestige brands. Not only will your watch increase in value but it's **already** a collector's piece - a brand new Omega will instantly lose up to half its value the very second you leave the shop with it.

    The watch I wear daily is a vintage 1930s Baume & Mercier, it's 18k gold throughout, the movement is a stunner. It has completely avoided prostituting itself the way Omega has, and as a "brand" it retains a very high reputation. I can leave this watch in my final will and testament to a family member and it will increase in value long after my death.

    The "three watches" theory is consumerist in the extreme: it's a modern myth of exceptionally recent provenance and has little to do with common sense, being the child of men's magazine peer pressure and industry marketing by the likes of TAG and the usual suspects. Forgot this notion entirely and instead do the seinsible thing of saving up enough money until you can afford ONE GOOD WATCH instead of THREE AVERAGE WATCHES. Ask your father or grandfather - a man had one watch that he took pride in, had serviced, kept all his life and then handed on to one of his family. If you didn't come from that kind of family, then go and buy a watch belonging to someone who did!

    I won't list the better brands, instead I'll say this - I've seen fifty dollar watches that are more durable, higher quality, and more classy than roughly 90% of the current endless stream of diver watches, sport watches, cocktail watches etc etc etc ad nauseum. You want a minimum 15 jewel manual by a classic Swiss house. Gold case, brown leather strap. You get the idea. No quartz, no divers watches the size of a house, no ghetto fabulous junk...a beautiful, elegant, modest, vintage watch.

    Now go hunting.

  3. Agreed with the title that is why I believe on Bella tops. It says all about me.

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