style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

The Urban Lumberjack

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

(axe - thrifted).

I've about had it with the urban lumberjack. If you recall one of my last posts, I suggest going for a more preppy "urban camper" if you feel the need to differentiate yourself by dressing like every other hipster in Fall that ever got dressed in any given morning (try and keep up).

If you absolutely have to wear flannel, put a pop of color in there. Bright flannel beats earthy dark flannel every day of the week (two times on sunday).

Secondly, never go too puffy with your jacket (this applies generally not just when chopping down cement beams and street lights with your axe). A puffy jacket will make you look like the love child of the Michelin Man and a jar of Fluff.

Moral of the story: if you do decide to do it, do it right.

  • Add some color into your flannel. 
  • Listen to FKYA's music--if you're not doing this already your doing it wrong. 
  • Urban lumberjack responsibly.

Fall Tweed

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

(tweed blazer - Ralph Lauren | hoodie - American Apparel | shirt - Club Monaco | jeans - Naked&Famous | boots - Clarks | pocket square - Robinson&Dapper)  

Fall means the tweedification of clothing. One of the most iconic pieces of tweed for men is the Ralph Lauren tweed blazer.

I'm going to leave out the obvious professor line, because, let's face it, tweed is great and I don't want to put it in a mental box.

Textures are one of my favorite parts of menswear. Nothing matches the harshness of the elements and the rough manliness of sophisticated men like tweed and wool.

That's not all I'm here to talk about today. Every man on earth has one thing in common. They own a hoodie. Now, the hoodie has been one-dimensional in the menswear game for too long. It's not just for the gym and Sunday football on the couch anymore--oh, no. It makes for a solid layering tool, especially under a stylish blazer--nothing too fancy, think casual.

  • Tweed is perfect for Fall. If you're looking for a vintage tweed piece, try Etsy. 
  • Looking for the perfect tweed, try something in oatmeal, it's a great and underrated color.
  • Never forget the sartorial power of colorful laces.
  • Look at your hoodie in a new way.

Urban Camper

Monday, October 6, 2014

(jeans - A.P.C. | sweater - edc | vest - G Star | socks - Topman | shoes - Andrew Marc)

No doubt it's getting colder. But cold enough for sleeves on a jacket? Only you can answer that bold style choice. If you are going to layer a vest over a shirt, there are a few things to consider.

First, never wear a vest over a tee shirt unless you're staring in an 80's action film. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Once you aren't doing that, be careful of the shirt you're laying the vest over. I've never been a fan of layering a vest with plaid. You look like fucking Macgruber. To be clear, Will Forte dresses like this facetiously. 

Honestly, wearing a vest over a single layer is a risky style maneuver. What I like about it (when it's done correctly, like above), is that it brings a rough, outdoorsy feel to an urban environment (instead of going full hipster urban lumberjack...just so we are clear, this isn't what you want).

  • Wool socks are great. 
  • Don't be too stereotypical with how you wear your vest. 
  • Avoid looking like Macgruber. 

Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

Long Sleeve Casual Henley

Friday, October 3, 2014

(shirt - Scotch and Soda | pants - Naked & Famous | shoes - G. Star | bag - Roots | belt - Diesel)

Earlier this week I published a post about henleys--in which I mentioned the long sleeve henley. A long sleeve henley is a good buddy to call upon on the weekend or running errands around downtown. It's never late, the ladies love him, and he always picks up the tab (well at least one of those is true).

A long sleeve henley will (if it fits properly) make sure your arms have defined shape, and expose enough chest to make you feel like you bench 300lbs, even if I wasn't even there to see it...sure you did, Cole. The point is, it'll make you look athletic and all around, built.

What I like most about what Cole is wearing is how well the boots work with the shirt. They're heavy-duty looking military boots but with fine details (the wing tip stitching on the toe). This perfectly embodies the shirt style--strong but with stylish detail--so they work perfectly together. Bring even a little bit of this and you're on your way to pulling satorial bad ass style like Justin Theroux. 

  • Combine polished and bad ass. It just works. 
  • Henleys can make you look huge if you've been hitting the gym. Avoid them if you've got a gunt. 
  • Cole will make big belt buckles come back. 
  • A long necklace would be a style-appropriate addition with a look like this. 

Stay classy,

Wear It Write. 


Monday, September 29, 2014

(cardigan - Club Monaco | tee - Old Navy | chinos - Tommy Hilfiger | hat - H&M) 

I want to talk about henleys in this post.

I love a good henley. Long sleeve henleys are great in Winter, especially. I love layering a long sleeve henley over a button down and a casual tie, or casually by themselves (think Vince from Entourage).  In the warmer seasons, henleys offer a unique neckline that adds character and style that you don't find in a conservative crew neck tee...something about the buttons just says "interesting and bad ass"'s amazing what buttons can accomplish.

  • Show some skin. Take advantage of the buttons and keep them open to create a deeper neckline. It'll look sick, trust me, bro. 
  • There's a correlation between how stylish a toque is and how much it looks like a head condom. 
  • Sunglasses aren't seasonal. Don't put them away just because it's Fall...the future's so bright. 

Stay classy (or not),

Wear It Write.

Length in tees

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

 (denim jacket - Club Monaco | shirt - Chasin' (Amsterdam)| slim cargo pants - US Army Apparel | shoes - 1901 Nordstrom | sunglasses - c/o Aeropostale) 

Hello all.

I put this outfit together with one thing in mind--the long tee shirt. Length in tees has become popular this last year, but there are right and wrong ways to add length to your day. If you want to try and pull this off, look to one of the guys who made it popular--Kanye.

Go big and small. Layering is important. If you are going to layer with a longer item, make sure other layers vary in length.

Tighten it up. Slim pants with a longer tee will keep you from looking like Shaquille O'Neal in the late 90's. Like a big mess.

Keep it simple. Minimalism is important to this look. If my longer tee is too busy, it takes away from the length as a style statement itself. Let the shape of the shirt do the talking.

  • Minimalism is key.
  • Watch the layers. 
  • Wear slim pants. 
Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

Summer-To-Fall Colors

Friday, September 12, 2014

(shirt - Club Monaco | shoes - Steve Madden | sunglasses - Gucci)

September is here--summer is dying. Fall and Winter don't usually bring out the best colors--with the grey skies and dark coats, it can be depressing. Before we question why god dumps rain and snow on us for half the year, we should celebrate the clear sunny skies with some color in our wardrobes. Seriously, time is running out.

Blue and green are my two favorite colors. Not just in life, but also in what I wear. Together, they look great. Especially because a darker green tone paired with deep brown leather brings some serious earth tones to segway to Fall without wrapping up in a sweater.

  • If you're wondering why Cole's pants fit so well, it's called tailoring. The best fits aren't (unfortunately) off the rack, but a little bit goes a long way. Ask your dry cleaner or tailor to taper your jeans from the knees down and make sure they're hemmed appropriately. Both will run you less than $20. 
  • If you need new shoes look for double monks--I wear mine all the time.
Stay classy,

Wear It Write. 

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