style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Travel Series: Portland

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I took a trip to Portland with my girlfriend. If you haven't been to Portland--I strongly recommend it. It's a trendy city with a very industrial feel. It's big on brunch and beer, and is filled with all the relaxed people you'd expect to find in the Pacific Northwest. 

Seriously though--I'm a big fan of industrial and minimal style, and Portland is choke-full of it. Every building has exposed brick, open layout, wood beams, the whole nine. The beauty of Portland are the small restaurants and bars in SE Portland. Downtown was interesting (Union Way for unique shopping, Ace Hotel has a cool bar and top-notch style), but the trendy areas are establishing off MLK in the Southeast across the bridge for sure.

I'm bringing it up again--brunch. I mean, I've had brunch before. I've had it at the biggest "it" spots in my city, I've had it at the secret spots, I've even had it at your local Denny's. But Portland really knows it's way around a coffee cocktail and eggs benny (Tasty & Sons and Olympic Provisions were my two favorite spots).

Portland, I'll be back.  

Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

I'm Back!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

(jacket - j.crew | shirt - your neighbor | jeans - H&M | shoes - sperry top sider)

It's been a few months, but I'm back in the blogging world.

Here's a taste of what's to come--I wanted to photograph my favorite jacket this winter from J.Crew. Great collar.

Thanks for reading.

Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

Leather Key Fob

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

(key fob - Nuevelle Nuevelle) 

It's safe to assume that as your pants get slimmer, it becomes more and more difficult to take things out of them. Your iPhone 6 for example. Maybe even your wallet or keys.

Luckily for all of us, key fobs make it easy. Just like ordering adult videos in a swanky hotel, discretion is the key here. Just because you have a leather key fob hooked to your belt loop, doesn't mean everyone has to know about it. The only time people should see the fob is when you're pulling out your keys to use them.

  • What we don't want is the key fob to become the chain wallet of accessories.
  • Choose the leather wisely. Make sure the color matches or accents other leather pieces you own (belts, shoes, etc).
  • Don't use a carabiner.
Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

Chunky Cardigans

Thursday, November 27, 2014

 (Chunky cardigan - c/o Aeropostale | shirt- Club Monaco | jeans - Naked&Famous | shoes - Converse)

One thing I want to hit on this week: Chunky cardigans. Chunky cardigans are seen as the outer-most layer in terms of sweaters. Replace a suit jacket with a chunky cardigan to show your sartorial strength (even over a vest and pants of a three piece--my personal favorite suit/chunky cardigan combo), wear it over a tee, or wear it with a casual tie. The chunky cardigan is diverse and is worth the buy.

Be cautious while layering a chunky cardigan under other layers. I like to wear my chunky cardigan under larger longer jackets--but not slimmer shorter jackets. A chunky cardigan collar under a slim fit jacket will make you look like you're wearing a vagina.

There are a range of prices on chunky cardigans. I have a nice thick-knit blue one from Club Monaco (a CM staple), but this one from Aeropostale (#aeronow) is warm and has a great fit. It won't break your wallet, either. Bonus points for speckled color to add an urban spice. It's a nice little sweater.

  • A chunky cardigan is smart. Dress it up or down; it's all good.
  • You can wear your chunky cardigan instead of a blazer. 
  • I never button the bottom button.
Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

Monday, November 24, 2014

(cardigan & long sleeve tee & hat - Club Monaco | slim cargos - US Army Apparel | shoes - Converse)

Wide brimmed hats...I'm sure you've seen them around. Is it too Indiana Jones? Is it too Frank Sinatra? Is it not enough Don Draper? These are questions only you can answer. (yes, no, yes).

Either way, I like it. Not for all the time..not even for some of the time. You really have to pick your moments when it comes to statement hats like the wide-brimmed hat. I refuse to call it a fedora.

If you are going to wear one, I like to mess with the brim a little. I don't want it to be straight-set and perfect; I want it to look and feel worn.

  • Have fun with it. 
  • Go for a classic color--black and grey are the way to go. 
  • Wear it in, but don't mess with the brim too much. No man wants to wear a floppy hat
Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

Wool Layers

Thursday, November 20, 2014

(sweater - Nordstrom | shirt - Zara | tie - Club Monaco | pants - Tommy Hilfiger | shoes - Johnston&Murphy)

I think textures are the most important way to take what you wear from ordinary to chic. It can be anything from pants, to sweaters, ties or blazers (even socks)--adding textures to your wardrobe can make a world of difference.

Take an ordinary blue tie, for example. Everyone has a blue tie. But add a thick wooly tie into the mix and you go from typical to stylish in one move.

  • Speckled colors don't hurt either. 
  • A cold front doesn't mean packing on ten pounds and wearing a peacoat everywhere you go. Layer up with wool and you'll be good to go. 
  • Camel and blue is excellent. 

Stay classy.

Wear It Write.

The Mancave: Get To The Point.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Knives are something not associated with style. When you think of knives, I hope you think of your kitchen. The things you use to cut your steak or slice chicken breast before popping it on the frying pan. Unless you're a chef, you (probably) don't put too much thought into your knives. But maybe you should.

This set from Schmidt Bros is masculine, clean, stylish, and honestly--all around sick as f#ck. Something that has never been said about knives by basic bros ever before. As if this isn't enough, they're not hard on your wallet either. Because no one wants to spend $800 on knives.

Check out a link to Schmidt Bros site, they're a bunch of good guys out of Brookyln making it happen. Right on. Next upgrade for my cutlery--BBQ tools.

  • I'm not at all affiliated with Schmidt Bros, I just think they make a great product. 
  • Toss that junky knife block in the trash and upgrade your mancave, bro. 
  • The more the merrier. 10 piece set? Sure....I have no idea what to do with this many knives. 
  • A wood handle on your knife makes you feel like you're using a hatchet to chop an animal in half in the wild. 

stay classy.

Wear It Write. 

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