style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Double Breasted Suit FT Dragon Inside

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(DB suit - c/o Dragon Inside | shirt - Trashness | bow tie - The Tie Bar | pocket square - Suited Man)

Ladies and gents, I'm here today to talk about the trend that you're going to be seeing more and more of. That is, the double breasted (DB) suit. 

The DB suit has been seen as traditionally more formal and conservative than a single breasted suit, but that's all changing. 

Rock a DB suit with sneakers and an open button down shirt after work or on the weekends. Rock it with a bow tie to a party, or even rock it to work. Wear a casual watch strap  and some bracelets while you're at it. 

The DB suit is a statement on it's own. You've got to have the confidence to go with it--it insinuates wealth and success, just ask Chuck Bass

I know right now you're desperately and frantically searching google for the best option on your new DB suit--don't worry about it. I got this one from Dragon Inside--a custom suit company out of Europe. So you know it's good. The high quality Italian and English wool will put suits in your closet to shame.

One really awesome feature that comes with ordering from Dragon Inside is the measuring process. You can choose between measuring yourself (which can sometimes be difficult) and measuring the dimensions of your favorite fitting suit. You'll know exactly how it'll fit; I thought this was a great idea for guys hesitant about how a custom suit will turn out. On top of the measurements, the Dragon Inside crew is awesome at checking in on orders and making sure all the dimensions are accurate and done correctly. Honestly, have no fear.

  • You've got to get on the DB game--you'll be poppin' bands harder than Juicy J at Las Vegas strip club.
  • Set yourself apart by wearing some sneakers and bracelets with your DB suit.
  • If you're looking for a new dress shirt, try a cutaway collar like this one here.
  • Looking for a dramatic feature of your new suit? Look for wide peak lapels.

    Stay classy,

    Wear It Write.

Jogger Pants

Monday, March 31, 2014

(shirt - Cotton On | jogging pants - Cotton On | boots - Winners) 

What makes jogger pants? Is it an inherent sense that exercise is about to happen? No. Should you wear them to the gym? No. So what the f#*k?  Let Kayne explain, he's a pro at rocking them and has been thinking about it for a while apparently.

Jogger pants aren't and shouldn't be for jogging--they're cotton casual lounging and street wear pants with tapered legs, a dropped crotch, and elastic bottoms at the ankles. They give you stylishly slim legs without smothering the boys downstairs.

Style note: carry an umbrella when it rains; the bigger the better, none of those little expandable ones. 

  • The only thing missing is a long necklace....with a whistle for instance. 
  • Try on some jogger pants--carefree style made easy.
  • If you haven't heard of Cotton On, it's the new online store giving men cheaper pants and shirts. Take a look
  • Style note: this is how a tee should fit. Give it some length while still fitting in the shoulders, chest and arms. Add a pocket and a pattern and you're in business.

    Stay classy,

    Wear It Write.

Pocket Squares Ft Robinson & Dapper

Saturday, March 22, 2014

(Pocket Square - c/o Robinson & Dapper | blazer - John Varvatos | tee - American Apparel | pants - Club Monaco | shoes - Johnston & Murphy) 

Textures, textures, textures. I can't speak to the importance of them enough. Because, when it comes down to it, textures and color shades are what separates the Gap from Gant Rugger.

When it comes down to ties, bow ties, and pocket squares, Robinson & Dapper have the best textured pieces I've seen. The full spring/summer collection can be seen here.

They design all the pieces from Scottish wool--the wooliest of woolies. Just by touching these things you can feel the ruggedness. Robinson & Dapper does an excellent job at bringing long-existing menswear textures (wool, tweed, twill) to the modern man. The wool comes from Scotland (the original home of wool) and the accessories are hand-made out of Denmark.

Wool clothing is a solid choice for 3/4ths of the year. Fall, winter, and spring are times where wool pants send the right message. However, accessories have more of a free range for all year wear. Pieces like bow ties and wool pocket squares will send the right message even in July.

Make no mistake about it; Robinson & Dapper is the real deal when it comes to luxury quality wool accessories.

Style note: Don't go for a silk bow tie, keep your eye out for something with texture (knit, wool, heavy cotton). I see a lot of bow ties at mainstream shops like J. Crew and department stores. These are often not textured.

  • The European influences will make a continental man out of you. (That's a good thing) 
  • A pocket square with a casual look will bring a new dimension to what you're wearing--don't reserve them for formal wear.
  • When wearing a tee under a sport coat feel free to wear a longer tee.

Stay classy,

Wear It Write. 

Indochino Suit Review

Friday, March 14, 2014

(herringbone suit -  c/o Indochino | shirt - Paul Smith | tie - Mosaic | socks - Happy Socks | shoes - To Boot New York | watch - Movado)

Wear It Write teamed up with popular custom suit company Indochino to bring all of you a review on the brand-- or at least my experience with the brand, anyway.

For those of you who don't know, Indochino is a rapid growing, made-to-measure suit company bringing hand tailored suits to businessmen and fashionistos everywhere. They're famous for their traveling tailor and quality menswear.

I'm lucky enough to live in Vancouver and had the opportunity to be invited into Indochino's office for a tour and a custom measurement by their trained (and stylish) staff.  But don't be concerned if you're not fortunate enough to have the staff measure for you; the measurements are easy enough to be done at home, and even come with instructional videos making it pretty tough to muck up. And to make that process fool proof, Indochino developed an algorithm for measurements--adapting with every input to guide and guess measurements as you go (I was shocked with how accurate it was---except for the arms, but I can't blame the algorithm for not knowing about all of my gym time...seriously though, the system they developed is spot on and really cool).

The process begins by first selecting the suit you want from their website. All of the fabrics and linings are available in samples for you to really get a sense for what the final product will look, feel, maybe even taste like--whatever gets you going. Once you've made your selection, you get to customize the vents, lapel, lining color, pockets--all the good stuff that makes your suit feel like a second skin. One of my favorite features is the pen pocket above the inside breast pocket. If that doesn't impress your boss when a deal is about to be signed...get another boss.

One of the most exciting aspects of creating an Indochino suit is the customization--including a phrase for the monogram on the inside of your suit jacket. Indochino does an excellent job at creating excitement around the uniqueness of your very own custom suit. It's yours in every way. For my monogram, I went with a classic Archer reference to commemorate the most fashion forward functioning alcoholic cartoon spy out there.

The final product is exactly how you'd expect (if you expected a custom made suit to fit just like a custom made suit). I can't stress enough how impressed I am. And if you are looking for a light grey suit look no further than Indochino's grey herringbone fabric.

  • Amazing technology--the Indochino algorithm knows your body better than you's creepy. just kidding. but seriously.
  • When you decide to custom make a suit with Indochino, make sure you've got your monogram decided weeks in advance. 
  • Have no fear about wanting your suit slim enough--just measure like you should and you'll be fine. Mine fits like a glove.
  • Opt for the ticket pocket and a flashy (but not too bright) lining. 
  • They recently released their spring collection, check it out here

Stay classy,

Wear It Write. 

Puffer Vest

Sunday, February 23, 2014

(vest- The Gap | sweater- J. Crew | tie - The Tie Bar | jeans - Naked&Famous | boots - Steve Madden | gloves - Club Monaco)

I posted a street style article about a week ago highlighting the puffer vest. I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the diversity of the vest in a smart casual setting.

It's cold, I know. That being said, you don't have to wrap yourself up in a heavy jacket and scarf (unless you do it like this). Use a vest in place of a sport coat or suit jacket and stay warm in the process.

That being said, it's not smart to throw on a vest without a sweater first. The classic crew neck or v neck sweater over a button down shirt is a classy choice that shows you know your way around a closet.

  • Smart casual can always benefit from a good vest. 
  • Grab a crew neck sweater with the V stitching. Cheap ones available here
  • Fingerless knit gloves are awesome. That, or driving gloves are the way to go for the winter. 

Stay classy,

Wear It Write. 

US Army Apparel

Friday, February 14, 2014

(denim jacket - River Island | shirt & slim cargo pants - US Army Apparel | undershirt - Topman | boots - G Star )

I'm honored and pleased to have been contacted on behalf of US Army Apparel and asked to do a post on the only US Army approved apparel company. The new brand masters the "keeping it simple but stylish" LOOK fantastically, while maintaining the classic military look (I'm talking cargo pants and the ever awesome bomber jacket).

A US Army approved clothing line is relatively new to the menswear scene. The iconic military pieces are tailored and tapered in all the right places, establishing a sartorial badass chic style. Pair this with a glowing endorsement from The Rock himself, and you're looking at a unique line of menswear. 

I'm happy to have the opportunity to talk about keeping it simple. Dressing for day-to-day is an underrated skill that isn't developed nearly enough for guys all around the world. All of the pieces from US Army Apparel can help improve your basic wardrobe to look good while keeping 'er easy.

Let's talk about getting dressed step by step. Let's start with pants--because I'm assuming men out there don't need advice on underwear; if you do, google Clifford Soft Goods. For a man living in 2014, pants should be slim fit. It's just how things are trending. Even my 50 year old father buys slim fitting jeans. Now a days, men don't have to be concerned with sticking to jeans or khaki pants--neutral and earth colors are freaking excellent to change it up from wearing jeans-and-tees every day. These pants are quickly becoming my favorite look and style of the season (grab them in 30 length for a more tailored, shorter length--you won't regret it).

Nothing says strong and masculine like a plaid button down shirt. Check out Nordstrom's menswear section this week-- the place is filled with them! What I love about the US Army Apparel shirt is their modern and tailored take on the typical style. Stay away from the typical farmer plaid, stick to plaid with larger patterns or at the very least steer clear of red or green.

  • Stick to a bigger pattern plaid, like this one. The bigger plaid will make you look bigger and won't draw as much attention to the shirt as a smaller or more colorful ( obnoxious) plaid.
  • Slim cargo pants are sick. Don't think Old Navy in 2005, think Ovadia & Sons or Mark Mcnairy. 
  • Think of military style like the dapper badass (the Steve McQueen's of the world). 
  • The Rock can't be wrong. 

 Stay classy,

Wear It Write. 

Street Style 1

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This post is dedicated to street style.

I stopped Joel on the street to take a few photos to share on my blog. In winter especially, the puffer vest is an alternative to the pea coat/winter jacket, and sets you apart from the crowd.

Because of the layering potential of the puffer vest, it's easy to get carried away and layer unnecessarily. Sometimes keeping it simple by throwing a vest over a long sleeve shirt is the best way to go.

Stay classy,

Wear It Write.

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